At it again….

I know, I know….I’ve said it before and then waited a few more months to post! But ya know what, life can be extremely hectic in my household and with so much going on (school, work, the boys, SO’s work, family health issues, etc) I just haven’t had the time to post anything new lately. Though there has certainly been a ton!

There has been so much going on, its been hard to catch my breath. But I finally found a moment to do so and have decided its time to focus on me again.

I realized the other day, I’m a fairly dull person. My life consists of going to work, sometimes going to the gym, and coming home. With everything going on family and healthy wise in my home lately, its been rather quiet while we all try to deal with the uncertainty of what’s going on.

So, to try and focus my energies into something amazing and productive, I’ve decided to start running. I’ll be posting about that more later, as I want to dedicate a posting JUST to the experiences there in. As of today, I’ve also forsworn soda, with the exception of special events/vacations. I’ll post more about that later too.

Ive gotten back into the office, and have found myself rather unhappy. However, I refuse to look at this as a bad thing. I’ve gotten back into an office, which will help me in acquiring a position better suited for me elsewhere. I’m discreetly submitting resumes to other companies and will figure out the interviewing process later.

Im dealing with a lot right now, and not nearly as much as my beloved SO is dealing with. But we’ll get through it. We’ve made it through far worse and come out stronger and with better communication. Right now, that’s kinda on hold, but that’s when you know you’ve found the good balance in letting your loved ones go through their experiences as they need to. That’s been a hard lesson for me to learn and I’ll likely write more about that later too.

But for now, I’m at it again and Im working on me. Why? Because I can.


I’m Baaaaaaaacckkk!

So after a rather long hiatus due to just general life, I’m back to posting again! Miss me? 😉

It has been a while since my last post and good majority of that has to do with work, finding a new job, switching careers (again!) and school along with family and general life insanity.

It’s amazing how quickly things get away from you.

I’m going to try to post more often however. School is slowing down for the summer so I’ll likely have more time as it is, and the family will most certainly take some trips here and there (probably to Disney!) that I’ll review. I have one already that I need to post regarding the Boardwalk Inn and Resort from a recent trip.

All in all we’re doing alright. Things were rather rough there for a while financially, as Im sure everyone has had to deal with lately. But with my change back into the administrative world, it’s been alleviated somewhat. I miss my salon family and the creativity there in, but ya gotta do what you gotta do.

Currently, I’m, brainstorming some ideas for creativity here at home. Have some projects I want to get started on and some ideas that are in the preplanning phase of my brain. Will post more on those later as I get to them.

Mainly though, I’m focused on returning back to ME still. I’ve been participating in the 30 Day Squat Challenge as well as another challenge I found that tones the abs, The Six Pack March Challenge.


Now, I know it’s April, and almost May at that, but it looked fun so I’m using it. I’m currently on day eight and loving it so far. This is in addition to going to Zumba twice a week at my local gym and taking their kickboxing/kickboxing intervals class once a week. I figure I’ll be back in shape in no time and get rid of this last bit of weight that has been keeping me down.

I’m on day eight as I type this, and thankfully have a few other friends on the squat bandwagon at least for support and encouragement.

Using these monthly fitness challenges, which Im finding on Pinterest, I think will be a fun way to get back to where I was before in a controlled environment.

So, I’ll be posting more about that too, and possible provide some pics as updates and encouragement for others.

Oh, and Pinterst wise, I’m not linking that to here only because I want to keep some things private; though I’ll likely add things I find there to posts here and there.

So, good to be back everyone! Lets make the rest of 2013 amazing and healthy and happy!